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Charokopos real estate agency stands since 1972. Pandelis Charokopos Jr. is the third generation of real estate agents. His grandfather , Pandelis Charokopos Sr. sheltered his real estate agency at “ Faros” , in New Psihico since 1933. In 1955 , the real estate business passed on to his uncles Ioannis and Christos Charokopos. In 1971 , Pandelis Charokopos Jr. worked for a year at the family real estate agency and then opened his own office which is standing today.

Pandelis Charokopos Jr. followed his own particular path for over three decades. During the years 2002 – 2005 he was Prsesident of the Federal Real Estate Agents in Greece (OMASE). From 1998 until 2002 he attended as General Secretary. From 1995 to 1998 he was the treasurer , and remains today member of the executive council. In addition to the above , he was the Specific Secretary during 1993-1996 and the treasurer during 1996 – 2002 at the Association Real Estate Agents Civil Pact Athens – Attica (S.M.A.S.A.A.) while he continues being the General Secretary at the Association since 2002.

Pandelis Charokopos Jr. coworkers are his two sons who are carrying on the family tradition. His older son Stamatis Charokopos is a civil pact real estate agent since 2002 as well as his younger son Konstantinos Charokopos since 2005. Main concern and benefit of this family business is the personal contact, close cooperation and direct approach involving every family member and which has been developed individually with each one of you through out the years.

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